Diesel Power Challenge….Best of the Mediocre?


So in this months issue of Diesel Power magazine they featured coverage of the Diesel Power Challenge 2007, and for the third Challenge in a row a Duramax drove away victorious. Coincidence? I think not. I must admit that even though I drive a Cummins now I am pretty stoked that Chevy has finally been able to stake their claim in the diesel performance market. After years of trying to convince myself and others that there was such a thing as bow tied diesel performance as I drove my 1996 6.5L GMC in high school I gave up and went the Cummins performance route.

It was just my luck that shortly after going to the “Dark Side” that GM decided to actually enter and begin dominating the diesel performance market. Duramax performance has become quite the hot topic as of late but even if you are into Powerstroke performance or cummins performance it’s hard to deny the sting left after that shiny red Duramax took its second straight challenge by storm.

Now I don’t want to get into the fact of whether or not the the Diesel Power challenge is an better test of who’s truck is actually the best or who’s truck is alright in three different areas. Most of the people into Sled Pulling or Drag racing only that I have talked to would like to take on some of the trucks who have won or placed high in the challenge in their specific event and see who came out on top.

I will leave it at that but I do want to talk about what some of the tools are that are making all these wins for the Duramax possible and what tools might be on the horizon for the Cummins to help them compete even better with the Duramax.

The Trucks that have been winning most consistently in the diesel power challenge are running a nice little program called EFI Live For those of you who drive a Duramax and dont know about EFI Live you are missing out. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have COMPLETE control over your tunes. Or have the ability to log everything your engine is doing and then build custom tunes around what you see. That is why, in my opinion at least, the Duramax has been so dominant in events like the Diesel Power Challenge because you can have a completely custom tune for each event….Easily.

So does this mean that the rest of the big three are out of luck? Well if you drive a CR Cummins Christmas is just around the corner. We have been talking to some of the Beta testers who have been testing not only the new C5 module from van aaken but the custom software that will soon be released with it as well. From what they are saying this is going to be the closest thing to EFI Live the Cummins might ever see. Now we can’t tell you much more but when the new software drops expect big things including an almost non existent red line and COMPLETE control over your Cummins.

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9 Responses to “Diesel Power Challenge….Best of the Mediocre?”

  1. Derrick Says:

    I was wanting to know where you got the bumper replacement for that dodge.

  2. parleysdiesel Says:

    we got that one at fabfours.com if you have any other questions let us know

  3. andrew duty Says:

    nice truck

  4. Lee Peterson Says:

    Love the cummins I have a 08 Ford f550 with a cat I blew two duramax and a cummins off the road with a 13 speed eaton fuller transmission they stomped me of the line but I came back quick

  5. brittany Says:

    I love this truck

  6. Jesse D Says:

    Dodge’s are about the biggest piece of shit. Duramax would beat that ass any time!!!!

  7. michael rigsby Says:

    that is one nice looking truck but im a duramax man and your right EFI is one mean piece of computer…

  8. Tom C. Says:

    I think its funny how people say dodge is a piece of shit but What I think is hilarious if they suck so bad why is it that many people buy them for hauling for a living! like hauling cars across country and things like that! If i had to decide on a truck that I was basing my lively hood off of I would go with the one that I see tons of people base their lively hood off of! Because apparently Dodge isn’t that bad if Ford and Chevy guys buy a dodge to do long hauls. Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind chevys and fords but Dodge has always been doing a great job with their Cummings! Just my opinion and everyone has their own!

  9. David Richard Gargala Says:

    Gents, Does it really matter that much; that we turn to putting people down for what truck they drive? Who cares how fast a rig can go? I thought the Idea behind a diesel pickup was to have massive amounts of torque and H.P! The are supposed to be for luggin big loads and in the case of 4x4s crawlin up hills while you walk beside them! Doesn’T this world have enough crap going on? Here is my deal…. I have seen Fords that make you want to cry! I have seen G.Ms to kill for, and I have seen Dodges that make your mouth water! So what the brand a person drives, its his life and his money! All trucks are awesome,lifted,slammed,gas or diesel,! Only in America can we do this! with our trucks! Let’s be pals life is to short to worry about who drives what. If you really dig rigs , you would like them all! PS. I have a Dodge 2500 q-cab hemi, jacked, and blinged out, but I still love the new F- Sup Dut. Its Bad-Ass !!! The new GMs Kick Ass as well! I would give the left boy to own one of each. Customized differently! Got to love those TRUCKS! David G.

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