So I have been having some issues with uploading the Hypertech Max Energy Tuner into my ’05 Dodge Cummins diesel.  There are two problems that could have cause this: 1. The computer was re-flashed due to a safety recall that had to be installed, which if I had to do over again, I would not have worried about getting the recall done.  2. I was previously running the Diablo Predator Tuner.

So tomorrow I have to go to the dealership to get my computer re-flashed back to stock.  I mainly wanted to post this to help others that might have a similar problem in the future.  If you ever try to install the Hypertech Max Energy in your vehicle and it says “CAL NOT FOUND” then you should just unplug it from your truck and then plug it into your computer after installing the update software that comes with it.  Make sure to take out the CD and then it should prompt you to email Hypertech the data from your tuner, click yes and the Hypertech Programmers will be able to create an update that will help fix the problem.

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