Duramax Diesel Performance

Duramax Diesel Performance…. what more needs to be said?  The Duramax came out with the fastest truck in the nation with their high horse power LBZ motor.  The duramax is ideal to build up for power because of the almost bullet proof Allison Transmission that the truck comes with. In this article I will talk about a few of the popular modifications that are done to the Duramax.  The most popular modification for any diesel is the diesel performance chip.  One of the most popular ones out there for the Duramax is EFI Live which allows you to put custom tunes on your Duramax.  You can use it to custom tune your own engine and transmission, so you aren’t restricted by pre-made tunes.  It increases power, economy and shifts.  Another popular tuner for the Duramax is the Diablosport Predator which comes with three performance tunes.  It is uploaded into the trucks diagnostic port and puts in the performance or economy programs of your choice and has the ability to check trouble codes and adjust the speedometer for bigger tires.Another popular modification for the Duramax is a diesel cold air intake.  Probably the most well known are intake systems from Advanced Flow Engineering or AFE.  AFE intake systems come with five protective layers and give maximum air flow with premium filtering.  They also have a filter upgrade available that has 7 protective layers. Getting air into the engine is important because the more air that gets into the engine, the higher the percentage of fuel that can be combusted.  So you get the power at the wheels and increase diesel fuel mileage versus losing it out the tailpipe in a black cloud.The third most popular modification made to the Duramax is an upgraded exhaust system.  This is important especially if running a chip because the higher flow exhaust system will keep temperatures lower and the engine won’t have to exert the effort to push the exhaust away if it can flow freely away.  The free flowing exhaust increases power and economy and relieves engine stress.  Many people don’t want to pay the full price for a complete exhaust system.  So a lot of people are using what is called the Aero Turbine Muffler.  It is just a muffler replacement, but the Aero Turbine Muffler acts like a jet engine and increases the speed of the exhaust as it flows through giving benefits similar to a full exhaust system.

EFI Live and AFE Intakes are ideal Duramax Diesel Performance upgrades. – Nathan Young


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