Taking Exhaust Stacks to “The Road”

We’d like to thank one of our clients for the good laugh he gave us a little while back when, after he had received a set of exhaust stacks from us, he sent us a follow up email with these pictures included.




Now although these had just been staged in the bed of the El Camino, we had a good laugh.  Although, after having a good laugh and being the diesel nuts that we are, our minds started thinking about the possibility of a Duramax conversion into an El Camino.  Maybe if we find one a little less cherry than this original 1970 SS 396 El Camino we could make something happen.  With the advent of EFI Live into the Duramax diesel performance world your imagination is really your only limitation when it comes to Duramax Conversions. We’d like to thank Glenn for the great pictures and for keeping our imaginations going.

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6 Responses to “Taking Exhaust Stacks to “The Road””

  1. jack Says:

    Hey, i have a 5th gen el camino, and have been wondering how stacks would look for some time, i know yours is not a 5th gen but most el caminos look similar from the side, i was wondering if you could back the car out and get some more shots of it, thanks

  2. AJ Scheffer Says:

    Nice Picture

  3. Cole Gerhardt Says:

    i’ve got a 77 el camino that i was going to stick on a 78 – 79 blazer body and have it lifted with the 4×4. but anyways i was going to modify it to have a dodge 24 valve diesel with stacks n’ all. it’ll take lots of weldind and cuttin and time in my shop but i’ll git r’ dun!!

  4. Anon Says:

    Haha, glad I’m not the only one who actually thought this was kinda neat. I’m also actually planning to do something very similar to the guy above me and thought stacks would be a nice touch coming out and running along the light bar in the back.

  5. george hatzi Says:

    i have a 1976 el camino and wana do a diesel swap. i was wondering if you guys would like to do it for me. email me back if you are interested.

  6. Diesel Burnout Compilation | Petrol Heads Online Says:

    […] Taking Exhaust Stacks to “The Road” « Diesel Performance | TDI … […]

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