More Steps to Increase Diesel Fuel Mileage

Alright, so once you have gained some self-control and begun to strictly check your tire pressure and speed, you are now ready for some more tips to help you increase diesel fuel mileage.  (If you are too into diesel performance and can’t seem to lay off the pedal, we know how you feel; maybe increasing fuel mileage just isn’t for you!)

6.  The most efficient drivers get about 30% better fuel economy than the least efficient drivers.

7.  Aerodynamic treatments can reduce the horsepower required to move the truck by 30 to 35 hp.

8. Every truck does not have to be fitted with all the aerodynamic features available.  For example, if the vehicle is only used for local deliveries, it does need air dams designed for highway use.

9.  Every 2% reduction in aerodynamic drag results in approximately 1% improvement in fuel economy.

10. The rpm level where the engine cruises can provide critical fine-tuning of fuel economy.  To do this, you can spec the axle gearing so that the engine runs at its torque peak.

11.  All oil thickens at low temperatures, causing increased fuel consumption.  Synthetic oil is less affected by temperature, thus making it more fuel-efficient.

12.  Tires flex more at higher speeds.  This leads to more friction, higher tire temperatures, and reduced fuel economy.

13.  Rolling resistance results from the internal friction of a tire as it deflects (flexes) during motion.  Energy spent generating heat in the tires is energy that does not contribute to moving the vehicle.  Cooler running tires are more fuel-inefficient than tries that run hotter.

14.  Air conditioner power demands are relatively small compared to the cooling fan, but every little bit helps so driver with the A/C off.

15.  Exceeding the recommended engine oil levels can lead to significant oil churning.spin losses, resulting in reduced engine efficiency and mpg.

16.  It takes between 10 and 70 hp to driver the cooling fan so cooling system maintenance can have a significant effect on fuel economy.

17.  A tire that is misaligned only 1/4-Degree from straight will try to travel 10-15 feet sideways for each mile, resulting in lower fuel economy.

18.  Selection of the appropriate drive train components is critical to achieving driveability and mpg goals.  Direct-drive transmissions can yield a +2% advantage in mpg from lower-gear mesh losses and lower spin/oil losses.

19.  Road roughness can increase rolling resistance up to 20% due to energy dissipation in the tires and suspension (10% loss in mpg).  The best surface for fuel efficiency is polished concrete.

20.  For every 10 mph of headwind or crosswind, mpg is reduced by nearly 13%.  You cannot escape increasing wind resistance.

21.  A list of behaviors exhibited by drivers that consistently obtain good fuel economy:

  • High percentage of trip distance in top gear (90+% recommended)
  • High percentage of distance in cruise control
  • Minimum service brake activity
  • Minimum percent idle/PTO operation

22.  Michelin is offering a new X one tire for tractor trailer rigs.  Replacing the dual-tire setup with one extra wide tire is said to increase fuel efficiency 5%.  A tractor with dual wheels has a total wheel and tire weight of 2,704 pounds, whereas when fitted with the wide X Ones, the total weight is only 1,963 pounds.  The X One tires turn much easier than a set of dual wheels because the dual wheels are fighting each other anytime they are not going perfectly straight.

Well we’re almost there, you now have 22 out of over 35 ways to increase your diesel fuel mileage.  If you have any of your own please be sure to let us know.


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