Home Biodiesel Maker (Part 3)

The next part of the process after we’ve loaded it with catalyst and methanol is to turn the machine on. There’s a switch on the back, you’ll hear a fan kick on, and now here’s the hardest part, you reach out, reset it, and push the start button. In about twenty seconds a light will come on in here. A huge stirring motor is going to start in here and it will begin dumping methanol into the main tank. Here it goes you can hear it kicking on. I’m now going to put some sulfuric acid in the machine to get things helping a little more. And then we leave it alone for 24 hours and we’re going to come back and we’ll have glycerin, drain it off. We’re going to show you what you’ll get after you wash it. The next step is to put sulfuric acid into that machine. It allows us to get better yield? So we’re going to put 380 milliliters of sulfuric acid into there. Simply pour it down, watch my mark, put it in the big machine. It’s incredibly important that you’re wearing safety gloves when you’re dealing with sulfuric acid. That’s one, and two. What I’ve now done is I’ve placed, 380 milliliters of sulfuric acid into here. The process will begin, I’ll put this big lid onto the machine, and I’ll leave it alone for 24 hours. When I get back I’ll have biodiesel, I’ll drain off the glycerin, and we can begin a wash.

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