Duramax Diesel Performance Turbo

Many people decide to install a performance chip, or diesel performance parts tuner on their diesel engine in order to make more horsepower and improve diesel fuel mileage. Although a tuner makes a significant improvement, it only does half of the job when it comes to power optimization. The other half of the equation involves air; many people seem to forget that the increased airflow provided by a performance turbo is critical to improving power and  fuel mileage.  Parleys Diesel Performance carries a complete line of performance turbos for Dodge Ram Cummins, GM Duramax and Ford Powerstroke pickup trucks.

For 2001-2007 GMC/Chevy Duramax owners, a performance turbo that we highly recommend is the SuperMax Turbocharger Kit by BD Diesel.

Now what does this “performance turbo” actually do for you? The SuperMax can add enough airflow for 550 rear wheel horsepower (rwhp) at 40 lbs. of boost on diesel fuel only. The compressor wheel on the SuperMax Turbocharger spools quicker, while the overall efficiency lowers EGT’s. That’s not all, it reduces exhaust emissions and improves fuel economy. That is the overall goal of most diesel owners; to improve power and fuel mileage without damaging your truck.

BD Diesel backs their turbo with a one year parts and labor warranty for the SuperMax.  If you are thinking about upgrading the turbo on your diesel, count on the pros at Parley’s Diesel Performance to help you choose the right one.


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