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CFM+ Cummins Intake Manifold: For Your Viewing Pleasure

February 6, 2008

So the guys at Parley’s Diesel Performance just finished up a series of install videos.  First on the docket is the CFM Plus Intake Manifold install on a 5.9L Cummins diesel.  After having gone through and installed this Cummins intake manifold, we are very impressed with the quality of the product and that it comes with everything that you need–including 2 new factory gaskets.

CFM+ Cummins Intake Manifold: On The Road With My New CFM Plus

January 26, 2008

This past weekend I installed the CFM Plus intake manifold that Fastcore LLC sent us and wanted us to check out.  The install went really well, they provide all the parts needed to install the CFM+ Cummins intake manifold, including new studs and two new factory gaskets.  Unfortunately, I dont have a pyro installed so I haven’t been able to check the drop in exhaust temperatures.  I have noticed an increase in responsiveness especially when driving on the highway.

The main interest I had in installing the CFM+ was of course to increase power and lower exhaust temperatures; but the thing I liked most about this performance intake manifold is that you have the option of getting it pre drilled and tapped for future installs.  Within the next week or so, I’m going to be installing the Snow Performance Boost Cooler water methanol injection system on my truck so it will be extra convenient to have the intake manifold drilled and tapped and ready to go.

Here are some photos of the completed install.  Be sure to shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance part needs.





January 11, 2008

So I have been having some issues with uploading the Hypertech Max Energy Tuner into my ’05 Dodge Cummins diesel.  There are two problems that could have cause this: 1. The computer was re-flashed due to a safety recall that had to be installed, which if I had to do over again, I would not have worried about getting the recall done.  2. I was previously running the Diablo Predator Tuner.

So tomorrow I have to go to the dealership to get my computer re-flashed back to stock.  I mainly wanted to post this to help others that might have a similar problem in the future.  If you ever try to install the Hypertech Max Energy in your vehicle and it says “CAL NOT FOUND” then you should just unplug it from your truck and then plug it into your computer after installing the update software that comes with it.  Make sure to take out the CD and then it should prompt you to email Hypertech the data from your tuner, click yes and the Hypertech Programmers will be able to create an update that will help fix the problem.

Visit Parleys Diesel Performance for all your performance diesel upgrades.


PPE Diesel Xcelerator by Pacific Performance Engineering

December 20, 2007

One of the new lines that we are carrying at Parley’s Diesel Performance is the PPE Diesel Product line including the very popular PPE Xcelerator.  Although the PPE Xcelerator is most popular in the Duramax performance crowd Pacific Performance Engineering offers a excellent selection of Cummins Performance and Powerstroke Performance that offer incredible performance gains as high as 300hp (at the flywheel) as well as allow you to check codes, get rid of defueling, and remove the speed delimter.  If you are looking for some serious power and don’t mind paying a little more than a typical diesel tuner, it is worth every penny.  The Diesel Programmers from PPE Diesel offer ten different power settings similar to the Smarty Tuner for the Cummins.

CFM+ Putting The CFM Plus To The Test

December 11, 2007

So the good people at CFM+ wanted us to take a look and tell them what we think of their new Cummins performance intake manifold.  We have been pretty excited to get this beast on our 05 Cummins project vehicle but have been waiting for the 3 hole tapped CFM+ drilled and tapped version to be released.  Now that it is, we have one in hand and should have it installed and being tested within the week so keep posted.  For those of you not familiar with CFM Plus’ intake manifolds, they differ from other cummins performance intake manifold in a couple of different ways.  First, they are made of composite material instead of cast aluminium which helps greatly for keeping tempratures down and second, instead of just going for a larger diameter like you see on the ATS Arcflow and the Banks setup they went with a better design that allowed them to flow more air and get the studs out of the way.

Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to visit Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance part needs.

Here are some pictures:




Smarty Tuner Anyone?

December 8, 2007

So I finally convinced the buying department that is was time to start carrying the Smarty Tuner by MADS Electronics.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t pushing the buying department to buy in because I have a lot of experience with the Smarty Tuner;  I just know what it is capable of and as soon as I finish my tranny buildup, I know it’s the diesel tuner that I will want running on my Cummins.

The Smarty comes with 10 settings which offer huge power gains–up to 230hp!  In my opnion the Smarty Tuner is the closest thing to EFI Live for the Cummins (that is until the Van Aaken C5 software is released!) Here are the main selling points for the Smarty:


  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) reader with on-screen plain text
    interpretation of the codes.
  • ABS programming for tire height adjustment.
  • Upgrades through built in USB connector
  • Automatic recovery of the ECM in case of an interrupted update.  
  • 3.5 – 6 minutes required to update ECM depending on truck model
  • Programmable speed limiter



Go ahead and check it out for yourself and if you have any questions let us know. Be sure to shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your Cummins performance needs.

Christmas Has Come Early!

December 8, 2007

So today I came into the office and found this Hypertech Max Energy programmer on my desk. I was hoping that Santa had come early this year but being the unfortunate chump that I am, this diesel tuner just meant more work for me.  The powers that be here at Parley’s Diesel Performance, have asked me to put the Hypertech Max Energy Tuner to the test for 30-Days, just like our clients will when they try out Hypertechs 30-Day Monday back guarantee.  The real question is, when will I get a break?  I mean having to play with gadgets like the Hypertech Programmer can be a real drag but I guess I will make the most of my 30-Day Trial.

I will be testing the diesel tuner on my 2005 Dodge Ram Cummins, which is claimed to gain 174hp and between 2-6 mpg, so we will see what the results are.  Shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your Cummins Performance needs.

Here is what the package looks like when you open it etc…




Quadzilla Boost Fooler = More Boost = Less Heat.

November 14, 2007

Do you feel that you have run out of ways to lower your E.G.T.’s?  Well if you drive a 03-07 Cummins, there might be one option that you have overlooked.  The Quadzilla Boost Fooler is a simple and cheap Cummins Performance mod that installs in minutes and will add a little power but most importantly will help keep your E.G.T’s low.

We have been running this mod on some of the trucks in the shop and our reports have shown that E.G.T.’s are staying about 200 degrees lower than before.  Of course, results may vary but as far as bang for the buck goes, I dont know many people who would turn down a 200 Degree drop in exhaust temperatures.  Now if you already have a box like an Edge Juice w/Attitude, or a Van Aaken Smartbox, you already have a boost fooler built in.  If you are running a programmer like the Superchips Flashpaq or the Diablo Predator you will definately want to check out the Quadzilla Boost Fooler.  Shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your diesel tuner upgrades.

Diesel Programmers and Tuners, It’s Just That Easy!

October 11, 2007

A lot of our clients here at Parley’s Diesel Performance have been asking just how hard it is to install and uninstall the Diesel Programmers and Diesel Tuners that they are interested in purchasing.  The other day I put together this video of me uninstalling the Diablo Predator tuner prior to taking it into the local Dodge Cummins dealership for some recall work. The best part was, they were doing some reflashing of the computer etc.. and they had no idea that it had even been on there.  For those of you wondering about the install process, we will be adding another video on how to install shortly, but the steps are close to the same and just as simple.

What Will Save Powerstroke Performance?

October 11, 2007

With the Van aaken C5 going into mass production in the not too distant future and custom tuning software following shortly thereafter; the question on a lot of people’s minds is, “Is this just going to leave the Powerstroke diesel even further in the dust?”  As much as you blue oval drivers out there would like to deny it, a custom tuned Cummins diesel is going to be one more nail in the Powerstroke coffin when it comes to head to head competition.  If you have any input/rebuttals let me know.


Visit Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance part upgrades.

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