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John Deere Tractor Performance Chip

December 11, 2007

So what is a guy to do when he has put a diesel performance chip on all his daily drivers? Start chipping his equipment with the aid of TS Performance Agri-Power Series of course. TS Performance offers a wide selection of awesome power enhancers for tractors from John Deere, Case, Catepillar and more that will help increase your economy and performance between 20-30%. If you are wondering if TS has a diesel performance chip for your application, just take a look at this list to see all of the makes that TS Performance makes chips for.

  • 02-05 20 Series 8.1L JD
  • 06 30 Series 9.0L JD
  • 06-07 Sisu Common Rail Tier III
  • 06-07 Sisu Common Rail Tier III
  • 02-05 8.3 w/CAPS Fuel System
  • 06-07 8.3, 5.9, 6.7 Comm Rail
  • 06-07 Common Rail
  • 8.3 Common Rail
  • 7.4 & 8.4 Common Rail
  • 8.3L CAPS Fuel System CASE
  • 8.3L & 9.0L Common Rail CASE
  • 06-07 7.4, 8.4 Common Rail
  • 9.0L CAT Challenger Tractor


Also, be sure to check out the TS Performance Chips for Medium Duty and RV Performance applications by visiting Parley’s Diesel Performance.

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