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Bullydog Diesel Triple Dog

January 23, 2008
Bully Dog Diesel is one of the biggest names in diesel performance and they have been around for about 10 years as of 2007.  One of their claims to fame is their line downloaders that can be switched between Ford, Dodge, and Chevy diesel trucks.  This is a great feature because with any other performance programmer if you buy a different make of truck, you have to buy a whole new programmer for that truck. The Bully Dog Triple Dog and Bully Dog PMT (performance management tool) on the other hand can be changed from one truck to another saving quite a bit of money if the individual buys a different truck or upgrades. Although good luck trying to get a die hard Ford person to switch to anything else and vice versa. There are some that don’t care though.
The Bully Dog Triple Dog
The original one size fits all downloader which has been extremely popular. Downloader’s in general just plug into the diagnostic port under the dash and upload a new program onto the truck for either diesel fuel economy, economy while towing, or performance. The Triple Dog plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash like the others do, but has a few differences. One, you can go to Bully Dogs website after purchasing the Triple Dog and download an extreme program for free. Two, it can be linked up with Bully Dog’s Outlook monitor which is a full digital gauge set up that also allows you to switch between power levels while you are driving. This is something that no other downloader can do.
The Bully Dog PMT
This also plugs into the OBDII diagnostic port under the dash. The PMT is exactly what its name says; it’s a performance management tool. The Bully Dog PMT offers push button or touch screen navigation; both navigation styles come with each unit and are active all the time. It also has a color screen with the best resolution and highest contrast of any screen in the diesel industry. It gives you the capability to display four different engine parameters at a time and gives your twenty engine parameters to choose from. Bully Dog is the only company that has a monitor that will work on all three of the major diesel trucks. I personally happen to be one that is happy driving any of the major diesel trucks so this is a feature that appeals to me. For others it might not matter as much.

Bully Dog Diesel offers the Bully Dog Triple Dog and Bully Dog PMT for all diesel trucks – Nathan Young

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