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How To Increase Diesel Fuel Mileage!

March 27, 2008

As of late we are getting a lot of people asking how to increase diesel fuel mileage.  With diesel over $4.00 a gallon and expected to go well over $5.00 a gallon this summer its no wonder why people are wondering how they can increase diesel fuel mileage.   Here are the things we have found that work best to increase diesel fuel mileage:

Diesel Performance Chip: Using a diesel performance chip is one of the easiest ways to increase your diesel fuel mileage, usually with about ten minutes or so spent installing a “chip”, you can increase your fuel economy by 1-5 MPG.  Some companies have actually released chips dedicated to increasing diesel fuel mileage including the Edge Mileage Max, Hypertech Max Energy and Quadzilla Max Mileage.

Diesel Performance Intake: Usually if you have already added a chip the next best thing to help increase diesel fuel mileage.  Diesel performance intakes allow your engine to breathe easier, which will help increase diesel economy.  You will usually see a 1-4 MPG increase.  Some of the best known performance intake manufacturers are S&B Filters, AFE and Airaid.

Water Methanol Injection: Now most people would recommend going with an exhaust system for your third mod to increase fuel economy.  We have found that when it comes to bang for your buck, the Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection Kits lower exhaust gas tempratures more and increase diesel fuel mileage better than an exhaust system.

If you have any further questions on how to increase diesel fuel mileage please contact us.

For any of the above upgrades, or for all your diesel performance part needs, please visit Parley’s Diesel Performance.


CFM+ Cummins Intake Manifold: On The Road With My New CFM Plus

January 26, 2008

This past weekend I installed the CFM Plus intake manifold that Fastcore LLC sent us and wanted us to check out.  The install went really well, they provide all the parts needed to install the CFM+ Cummins intake manifold, including new studs and two new factory gaskets.  Unfortunately, I dont have a pyro installed so I haven’t been able to check the drop in exhaust temperatures.  I have noticed an increase in responsiveness especially when driving on the highway.

The main interest I had in installing the CFM+ was of course to increase power and lower exhaust temperatures; but the thing I liked most about this performance intake manifold is that you have the option of getting it pre drilled and tapped for future installs.  Within the next week or so, I’m going to be installing the Snow Performance Boost Cooler water methanol injection system on my truck so it will be extra convenient to have the intake manifold drilled and tapped and ready to go.

Here are some photos of the completed install.  Be sure to shop Parley’s Diesel Performance for all your diesel performance part needs.




Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection = Increase Diesel Fuel Economy

January 11, 2008

We just got off the phone with Snow Performance and they had some great news.  They have been re-mapping their Stage-3 Water Methanol Injection System so that not only will it add big power on the high end but they are adding injection on the low end.  What are the results you ask? They are reporting that it will increase diesel fuel mileage by up to 2 m.p.g. with this new technique in addition to the extra power that you will see.  They will be sending us a kit this week so we are looking forward to getting to test it out.

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